Install Ubuntu Server in VirtualBox on my Debian

0. Main OS
1. Have an .iso file for the latest version of Ubuntu Server (download here)
2. Have an Virtual Box inside your Debian (I'm using Kali Linux)
* why using virtual?
* we can modify anything even that Operating System is broken, we just need to reinstall without worrying "Whooaa!! I forget to backup my latest documents... Shit!!"

Steps for creating new virtual machine:
1. Create new OS
2. Name it as Ubuntu Server
3. See addition setting like x32/x64 is match or not with your .iso file
4. Next and follow the recommend setting
5. Wait! You need set your VM path inside your main OS, so it's not eat the Main System Storage

Installing Ubuntu Server:
1. Run the Virtual Ubuntu Server in your Virtual Box
2. Follow the instruction
3. Use entire disk (or else for advanced)
4. Setup name, hostname, username, password
5. Mark as checked for "Ubuntu Server Featured Snaps", may be like these package:
- postgresql
- i forget
- i forget, later will be updated..

Setup network adapter to connect between main OS and Virtual OS:
0. Shutdown the Virtual OS (if it's running)
1. Open your Virtual Box app
2. Select the OS and click Settings
3. Open Network menu and choose Adapter 2
4. Select "Host-only Adapter" on field "Attached to" 
5. Select "vboxnet0" on field "Name"
6. Save/OK
7. Run the OS
--------- separator --------
IP Addressing Section
--------- separator --------
8. Login and sudo su
9. Ifconfig and check the interface that was not have and IP address
9b. Remember the interface name, i think the name is 'enp0s8', right?
10. Edit network interfaces using : $ vim /etc/network/interfaces
10b. Write like this:
auto enp0s8
iface enp0s8 inet dhcp
11. Save and exit vim
12. Restart networking using `service networking restart`
# apt-get install ifupdown # may it needed


Test ping between main OS and Virtual OS

This step is required for the next article.

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